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Knowing where to start is half the battle-- IEP Guru is a digital course that provides digestible instruction in the following areas. We give you the tools; you rest assured that your child is getting what they need to be successful.



We Make Things Clear

What is a good goal?  Will this help my child reach his/her potential? Learn to assess IEP goals like a pro.

What can I ask for? What if the school says no? Take the mystery out of accommodations: ideas and strategies are on the way!


Don't get steamrolled. Equip yourself to advocate well with recommendations for phrasing and posture.

Will having a certain diagnosis put my child in a box? Get the inside scoop on eligibility without all the legalese.

Proven Expertise

10-Minute Lessons

We know you're busy. These bite-sized digital lessons give you the info you need at the pace you need it, with access whenever-- for a lifetime.

An Online Community

Your child's future shouldn't be luck-of-the-draw. Get instruction from an M.Ed with experience as a teacher, administrator, and advocate.

Two heads may be better than one, but hundreds of folks are better than two. Brainstorm, navigate, and celebrate together.

"Mallory is so great to work with! She is knowledgeable about the system, the ins and outs, and how to work through tough situations. She understands our kids and what they need. Goodness, I could write a whole page! I only wish I had her help years earlier."

Stephanie Banks, Parent

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